Hello world!

It’s 2023 and I’ve decided to niche down. To focus, just on one area in the wacky wide world of advertising and marketing. It’s a difficult thing, to stop trying to be everything. But this year (with a few life events forcing me to realize the need to pick one) I have decided on world and animal conservation efforts.

Once upon a time, I studied to be a wildlife biologist. I’ve diligently watched the PBS Nature channel since before I can remember. I was determined for most of my young life to grow up and be a wildlife biologist or veterinarian all the way into my sophomore year of college. Ten years after switching to Graphic Design, I’ve felt tugs back to my career dream roots and decided to wrap these two passions together. So as of 2023 I’m rebranding my freelancing to Wild By Law (Hi, I’m Kira Law).

For fun over the last 4 years, I’ve also enjoyed creating some animal typography experiments. This year I turned some of these fun sketches and designs into stickers! That “wild” funky fox I scribbled on the back of a bill envelope got to grow up to be my logo today, and I’m excited to see where this new adventure leads.

May it be exciting!


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