Dreaming Under Waterfalls

In early June, I got my first outdoor engagement photo shoot session. I was intimidated but super excited since the groom invited me to help him choose an appropriately dramatic location that was not one his friends and family had already used. Challenge accepted, the location we settled on was not far out of Twin Falls, Perrine Coulee Falls. The awesome thing about this location is that we could take pictures behind and appear to be within the waterfall at the right angles. And even after having the privilege of being there for two hours completely soaked to my jean-clad bones, I’d argue that many of the “Most Romantic Locations to Photograph near Boise” blog posts are missing the best feasible day trip one.

While waiting for the couple to arrive on location, I jumped from mossy alcoves to muddy caves, juggled camera settings and had a slightly nervous time. But who wouldn’t be nervous in a gorgeous new location that is also too misty and breezy to be ideal for swapping lenses and posing reflectors? With so many mutual firsts bouncing in the background of my mind, I suddenly looked closer at some flashes of white cobweb among the moss.

Many of these cobwebs had near perfect circles at their center, reminding me of dream catchers. And that idea sent me daydreaming and leaving the anxiety behind. And while I had a few filters on hand for my camera, the most important filter I came across was one spun by a spider. Without the helpful distraction, I may not have been able to leave the anxious thoughts behind.

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